GeoPolitical Analysis Section

Note : This section has been modified. Because I lack the necessary time to update it, I shall now present only long-term strategic analysis, instead of the usual weekly analysis.
The analysis presented will be updated twice a month, so that means the first days of the month, and around the 15th.
The articles marked with a  " [Must Read] " are extremely interesting, and should be considered classics of the genre.

Long-term Analysis

[Must Read]Why is NATO in Yugoslavia?, by Prof. Sean Gervasi

August 1999


Who is the real Prince of Baghdad?

Shuffle of Top Chinese Officials Undercuts Zhu Rongji

[Must Read]China's Threat to Taiwan: The Strategy of Bluff

[Must Read]China's Available Military Options and its Relations with the U.S.

First Thoughts on the Presidential Campaign

New Government to Break Iraqi Embargo?


Obuchi raises the banner of Japanese nationalism by Peter Symonds.
(World Socialist Website)

July 1999


[Must Read]Missile Tests and North Korea's Strategy of Survival

Barak Tries to Redefine the Peace Process in Washington


Mass protests and repression in Iran, by Martin McLaughlin.
(World Socialist Website)

Social contradictions behind the mass protests in Iran, by Ute Reissner.
(World Socialist Website)

Superpower Europe
(The Economist)

June 1999

[Jane's Intelligence Review]

Intel failures made Indian attacks in Kashmir inevitable

Secret Russian Troop Deployment Thwarted


[Must Read]The Return of National Security

NATO's Victory

Nato / Russia relations continue to deteriorate

[Must Read] China, Russia, and the Politics of Manic-Depression.

[Other Sources]

The Current Bombings:    Behind the Rhetoric
(Noam Chomsky)

Kosovo Peace Accord
(Noam Chomsky)

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