Kosovo Crisis Section

The articles marked with a  " [Must Read] " are extremely interesting, and I strongly recommend reading them .

"We intentionally set the bar too high for the Serbs to comply. They need some bombing, and that's what they are going to get."
A senior Administration official

Background to the Conflict :

[Must Read]The invasion of Serbian Krajina , by Gregory Elich

Was a peaceful Kosovo Solution Rejected by U.S.?, by Seth Ackerman

Divers Articles :

[Must Read] A traveller's letter to the President of the Republic, by Regis Debray.

What does US sanction for the execution of Abdullah Ocalan say about its "humanitarian" aims in the Balkans ?by Barry Grey.

From Guernica to Belgrade, by Jean Clair

The Austrian writer Peter Handke, European public opinion, and the war in Yugoslavia, by Bernd Reinhardt.


Strategic Analysis : Political lessons, and Consequences :

[Must Read]The Twilight of the European Project, by Peter Gowan.

[Must Read]After the Slaughter: Political Lessons of the Balkan War, by David North.

US-NATO bombs fall on Serbia: the "New World Order" takes shape by the editorial board of the World Socialist Website.

[Must Read] Why is NATO at war with Yugoslavia? World power, oil and goldby the Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site

[Must Read] Carving another slice from Yugoslavia, by Gregory Elich

Media Cover-ups and Spins

Holocaust Relativism, by Diana Johnstone.

Hijacking the Holocaust, by Todd Emoff.

[Must Read]Some cracks in the media propaganda front: reports of grossly exaggerated atrocity stories in Kosovo, by Barry Grey.

Was Rambouillet Another Tonkin Gulf ?, by Seth Ackerman.

Nato's Propaganda War, by Philip Hammond.

Reporting Kosovo: Journalism vs. Propaganda, by Phillip Hammond

Demonizing the Serbs, by Marjaleena Repo.

[Must Read] How NATO & the Media misrepresented the Chinese Embassy Bombing,
by Jared Israel.

The Racak Massacre questioned by French Media, by Christophe Chatelot

Kosovan "mass graves"agitation: US media seeks to justify NATO war, by the Editorial Board of the World Socialist Organization.

The KLA's reign of terror over Kosovo :

[Must Read]The KLA: gangsters, terrorists and the CIA, by Michel Chossudovsky

A Slaughter of Roma ("Gypsies"), byPetar Makara (Makarov) and Jared Israel.

As UN Organizes, Rebels are taking charge of Kosovo, by Chris Hedges.

The massacre of Serbs in Gracko: Who is responsible?, by Barry Grey.

[Must Read]Kosovo rebels maneuver to grab power in postwar chaos, by Tom Cohen.

[Must Read]Serbs and Roma flee KLA terror in Kosovo, by Michael Conachy

With Few Options, NATO Turns Up Heat on KLA to Lukewarm, STRATFOR.

NATO Learns Too Late for Whom It Won a War, STRATFOR.

The further dismemberment of Yugoslavia :

Next stage in dismemberment of Yugoslavia: push for "independent" Montenegro, by Martin McLaughlin.

Next step in carve-up of the Balkans: Montenegrin regime approves plan for statehood, by Barry Grey.

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