Deconstructing Israel

This page aims to provide an objective platform, which analyses the inner struggles in the Israeli society (Kulturkampf , the cultural war), as well as the apartheid legislation still in place. Nearly all of the authors of the following articles are Jews, and this has been a deliberate choice, to show not only the mediatized Arab-Israeli struggle, but also the Jewish / Zionist conflictuel relationships.

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Israel's Prime Minister Barak forms autocratic government,
By Jean Shaoul

Political Zionism

Rabin's Murder Rooted in Zionism's Violent Legacy,
By Donald Neff.


A Brief History of Mossad Influence on American Policy,
by Victor Ostrovsky.

Bookburners and Their Victims: First-hand accounts of pro-Israel McCarthyism,
by Victor Ostrovsky

Israeli Cultural divisions

Jewish Solidarity Split by Cultural Divisions

Israeli religious life and education is becoming increasingly Ultra-Orthodox

Non-Orthodox leaders in U.S. "running out of patience"
by Debra Nussbaum Cohen

North American coalition to fight for Israeli religious pluralism

The Immodest Squad
By the Haaretz editorial board

Jewish Solidarity Split by Cultural Divisions
By Patrick Cockburn

Rate of non-Jewish immigration rising
By Alex Somekh

Bill Hurts Role of Liberal Judaism
By Emma Blijdenstein

Chief Rabbi: Holocaust pales next to Reform
By Yossi Shalom and Shahar Ilan