The Warez Page

Warning : Warez is considered illegal in many countries. If you think software piracy is bad, don't bother reading on.


Warez stands for illegally pirated software.

Have you ever read about a cool new software, that you desperately wanted, and just couldn't find it, or didn't have enough money to buy or register it ?
If you have, well the Internet is your solution. You see the Internet is so vast, that no one can actually control what's there. All the software you ever wanted, software that otherwise would have been to expensive to get, is hidden somewhere out there, waiting for the right set of circumstances to land in you Hard Disk.

Basically there are two ways to actually get the software you want. The first is to download the shareware version, then finding the crack. The second is to look it up in one on the zillion warez sites out there, then download it.

[I] The Shareware / Crack method :

(A) Downloading the Shareware version :

It has been widely proven that the most successful software marketing method, is to distribute software under a shareware agreement. A shareware is a software you can try, and if you like it and want to permanently use it, you have to register it, thus paying a certain fee to the developers behind it. To force you in registering, developers implement all sort of vicious tricks :

1) Shareware that you can use for a limited period of time.
2) Shareware that you can use for a limited period of trials.
3) Shareware that have advanced functions disabled in them, only enabled in the
    registered version.
4) A combination of the above.

Shareware are widely encouraged by the developing company to spread, since more users have the opportunity in trying them. These companies typically upload their software to big shareware sites, where smaller shareware sites can download them.

Here's a list of some of the good shareware sites :

Zdnet Shareware's            The best, features rankings, as well as excellent reviews

The Software Center


When you find a software you like, comes the time to download it. I very strongly advise you to use Getright, which is a software that lets you resume broken downloads. For example, if you're downloading a big 20 MB file, and got deconnected from the Internet when you were at 16 MB, using Getright you will only have to download the remaining 4 MB, and not restart all over again. (btw, Getright is a shareware, and you can apply the same techniques you will later learn to make it fully functional).

(B) Finding the Crack

Well by now, you should have downloaded your wonderful new software that does this and that and even more. Unfortunately, many of the best feautures are disabled, available only in the registered version, and you can only use the shareware for 15 days.
What do you do ?

The answer is very simple. Out there on the Internet is a huge collection of cracks, which means simple programs that you can download, that modifie the shareware to make it a registered version, et voila.
It's that easy,  you ask. Yes, it really is.

You can of course learn how to make the crack yourself, by visiting Fravia's site. You will nead a LOT of patience to learn the art of reverse engineering (cracking), as well as a good knowledge of assembly.

But by far the easiest way, is to download the crack from one of the thousand warez sites out there. It's too time-consuming to search through each one individually, so here's a terrific site to help you : Astalavista ( not Altavista ). This site is (between other things) a Crack search engine. Yes, you read that right. It searches through a vast collection of warez sites, to find the crack you want. Let's suppose you want the crack for a shareware like Getright, version 3.2. You just type :

getright crack 3.2

And Astalavista will look for any file containing the words "getright", "crack", and "3.2".
Since I'm feeling in good mood today, I've created an Astalavista search right here : 

 [II]  Searching warez sites

Another method to get registered software, is to search for them through one of the warez sites. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inconveniances that come with this method :

1) Warez sites have a LOT of misleading links (though you can learn how to avoid them
     through experience).

2) Very often, because of the huge pressure by all the people downloading from the site,
     the software is only available for 12-24 hours after upload, which means if you don't
     know well the scene, you can't get a cut in the action.

3) A lot of uploaded software have one or more files missing, which can be VERY shitty
    when you've spend 2-3 hours downloading that 60 MB application.

A good way of learning about warez sites is to read the warez FAQ.

Here's a list of the best warez sites :

Happy Hippo  The best in my opinion. Go to FTP, and you'll get a big list of software.

Liquid Warez

Warez slut

T 50                 This is not a warez site, rather a list of warez sites

There are so many sites, I've just listed the ones that first came to my mind. Use T50 or any link page to find a good warez site.

General Tips : NEVER click on a link indicating T50, T100, or Jaznet. These are just misleading links, even if they say "T50 very fast connection" or something like that.