My PC's Configuration

I have a 233 MHz Pentium II , with 64 MB of RAM, and two dual boot Quantum HDD's, each of 4.0 Gb, and a 4 MB Video STB Virge card
I've got a 32X Sony CD-ROM , and an AWE 64 bit Gold card from Creative.

I have Windows 98 Installed on my primary Hard Disk, and Linux Red Hat 5.2 on the second. If you want to know how incredible Linux is, all I can say is that while Win98 freezes about 2-3 times per day, Linux, to this date has NEVER locked up on me.

It's difficult to get my hands on the new Linux Versions, here in Lebanon, so if you're in Lebanon and manage to get Red Hat 5.4 or anything that new, I would appreciate if you can send it to me.


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