Marwan's WWW links

If a link is dead, don't forget to tell me.

Here's a list of my favourite sites, by categories :


Amine Halawani (Rap section)
Karim Kochen

Entertainment :

IAM fan site
It's not only a fan site, but it's also loaded with hundred of mp3's of IAM, and other rappers on the french scene.

Internet Movie Database
All the movies, with the name of the actors, critics, images...


Formula 1

Auto Race Net
Excellent Site on formula 1
This is the best site on formula 1 you can find on the web.


ESPN Soccer coverage
Give the up-to-date daily briefings about the different matches

Federation Internationale de Football Association
The official FIFA site.


Online News

Wired News
My favourite news source, I go there daily : all the rants,hot news and rumors on Internet.

Nice online journal

Same as Wired News.

International News

CNN Interactive
No need to introduce CNN. I don't like this site too much,though.

Le Monde diplomatique
Le Diplomatique used to be the best foreign news journal in the world,but unfortunately it has declined in quality since the mid 80's.It appears however that the new management are making a lot of efforts to bring it back on its feet.

Le Monde Bienvenue
Interesting  Site, if you're keen of day to day updates on french politics.

NZZ English Window: Overview
Swiss neutrality at its finest,unfortunately you have to know german to fully appreciate this site.

The Economist
A represent of the hardcore western capitalism : Don't believe everything they say, though their analysis is interesting at times.

Lebanese News

Lebanon Online
A Good lebanese news site

The Daily Star online
A great online newspaper

LBCSAT Home Page
LBC news,events,...

Search Engines

A terrific site, search engine for cracks,serials,...

 A neat "subculture" search engine

lokace, moteur de recherche
French search engine

eBLAST : Encyclopædia Britannica's Internet Guide
Search The Britanicca Encyclopedia all-in-one search page
A collection of multiple search engine in one page

Lebanese Links

Weather In Beirut
You guessed what this is.

Americans for a Free Lebanon (AFL)
Aounist oriented libano-americans.

Know your lebanese deputy.

Hizbollah Home Page
A lot of prestige associated to this site, but it's pretty dull page, with little or no content

LebHOST: Lebanon's Premier Search Engine
A search engine for lebanese pages.

Lebanese White P@ges
To get the email of a lebanese netizen.


Fravia's pages of reverse engineering
These pages are <jewels>

Winn Schwartau's InfoWar.Com
An interesting site about Information Warfare.

CERT Coordination Center
To stay up with the latest security news.

Linux Security Home Page
If you're Concerned about the security of you're Linux box.

Anonymizer, Inc.
Let's you hide your originating IP address.

EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
For those of you concerned about their online libery.

 Books On-Line: Authors
Great Site,you have more books than you will ever read.

If a link is dead, don't forget to tell me.