Capitalism Today

The articles marked with a  " [Must Read] " are extremely interesting, and I strongly recommend reading them .

Social Antagonism

[Must Read]The Columbine High School massacre: American Pastoral ... American Berserk, by David North.

[Must Read]"Eyes wide shut": The reopening of Columbine High School, by David Walsh.

[Must Read]15 dead in Colorado school shooting : A nation at war ... with itself, by the Editorial Board of the World Socialist Organization.

The Atlanta massacre: what it says about America, by Barry Grey.

Education :

Kansas Board of Education removes evolution from science curriculum, by Jerry White

Report on New York State government funding : Money for prisons, not for schools, by Fred Mazelis.

Health :

Report finds UK health inequalities have widened significantly, by Jean Shaoul.

Economy :

[Must Read]Report documents staggering growth in social inequality in Canada, by Lee Parsons.

Greenspan points to "imbalances" in US economy, by Nick Beams.

Social inequality and poverty increasing worldwide, by Michael Conachy.

Working and poor in the United States, By Debra Watson.